A better solution for today’s Healthcare Financing industry

  • Health.Finance creates affordable payment options for patients in a variety of markets.
  • Custom features and data analytics are used to create a unique experience for each provider.
  • Secure data collection for both the patient and the provider.
Health Finance Clinic

What does Health.Finance have to offer?

Mobile-First Platform and Custom Features

Sign up for Health.Finance can be completed from a patient’s mobile device.

Templates are used to collect patient data.

These templates are customizable for the clinic to collect certain analytics for each patient.

Time Savings

Create a personalized payment plan for each patient.

The payment plan is automatically calculated based on a patients’ best schedule.

The patient can fill out the paperwork on their mobile device so no manual entry is required by the practice.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency procedures need to be performed for the patient’s safety with or without the knowledge of certainty of payment.

Health.Finance helps providers and patients determine an affordable payment plan to allow more certainty of payment.

Perform More Procedures

Health.Finance creates affordability of treatment through payment plans determined by the patient’s best schedule and our system which combines Machine Learning and ADS.

Secure Patient Data Collection

Integrated system allows a secure way to collect patient information from both points of view of the provider and patient.

Health Finance Patient Interface

System Features

Minimize Risk of Non-Payment

  • Risks are lessened by the system that verifies a person’s financial background and advises clients who to fund and who not to fund, but the final decision is always made by the provider.

Access to Data on over 300 Million Consumers

  • Loan applicants are verified and rated based on data acquired from data repositories.

Machine Learning linked with Alternative Data Sources

  • ADS provides more data than traditional scores and allows the system to make better decisions.
  • Machine Learning is an internal component of Health.Finance that helps make better decisions based on consumer performance in HF.
  • Even if a customer has short or poor credit history, this combination (ADS + ML) lets estimate how reliable a customer is.

Patient Reminders

  • Effective and polite patient reminders and information are sent through multiple channels to remind patients when they will have to make a payment and the amount that it will be.

Modern Cloud Technology paired with improved Omni-Channel Communication

  • This technology caters to the growing Millennial segment of the market.

Who can Health.Finance help?

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare providers such as Bariatric Centers and Cosmetic Surgery Centers
  • Urgent Care Centers
Health Finance Patient Cabinet

Company Confidence

Health.Finance is a payment plan origination platform that addresses the needs of the patients underserved by the companies using traditional lending procedures. Our solution creates customizable payment plans for patients even before carrying procedures. Based on the patient’s ability to pay, the plans are affordable to their budget. Moreover, the plans are automated, so no extra time is required from your part to enroll patients and manage their payment plans. Using deep machine learning algorithms, Health.Finance analyzes and aggregates patients’ financial data, including accounts, non-traditional credit bureaus, data that hospitals have, and others, to suggest affordable treatment and payment options for each patient, compliant with legislation. Based on a patient’s disposable income, it evaluates their solvency, thus helping you make the right decisions on whom to fund.


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